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Yes, Miracles Happen, and Angels Walk Among Us

7th Street is a road in Maricopa county, Arizona. It drops down to just two lanes in the rural Desert Hills area north of Phoenix. It is there, on a cold night in January, that this miracle unfolded.


As I drove northbound, slowed down, signaled, and prepared to make a left turn, I encountered unusually heavy traffic in the southbound lane. I was forced to stop and wait for the traffic to pass.


In my rear view mirror I noticed a pickup truck was approaching very rapidly. I took my foot off the break and tapped it several times, to draw further attention to my stopped car. However, the driver of the red pickup truck never slowed down.

At the last second, without signaling, the driver of the red truck swerved sharply off the road and onto the dirt. I immediately heard the loud screeching of tires and knew an accident was imminent. The driver of the red truck rapidly drove around my car and fled the scene.


Another car, a Ford Mustang, had been following the red pickup truck. The driver of the Mustang did not see my car initially because the red pickup truck blocked her view.


According to the sheriff report, the Mustang was traveling at least 45 miles per hour at the time of impact. The impact threw my car directly into the path of oncoming traffic, and instantly caused my brakes and steering to fail. Pieces of glass from the shattered rear windshield flew into my hair.




The driver of the oncoming vehicle took swift corrective action to avoid a head on collision with my out of control car. As she sheered sharply off the road, it looked like I was going to T-bone her vehicle. Fortunately, the front end of my car only clipped her rear bumper.



After traveling about 180 feet, my car came to a stop in the dirt on the side of the road. Fearing that the gas tank could explode from the impact, I immediately tried to exit the car. However, the driver’s side door was stuck and would not open. I considered trying to get out of the front passenger door, and breaking the door window to escape.


Suddenly, my door became unstuck and swung open. As I began to exit the car, I immediately saw a beautiful woman walking up to my car on the driver’s side, near the gas tank. As she approached, she sweetly asked if I was alright.


I immediately knew this was an angelic encounter, because it would have been impossible for a human to reach me so quickly. I felt profound calm, and no longer worried about the gas tank.


Multiple emergency vehicles arrived. I refused transport to the hospital.


At one point the angel told me to go to my car, sit down, and put my head down. I declined, and said I was ok. She sternly told me to do it “now” and accompanied me to the car.

As I started to walk, I suddenly began to feel light headed. It was the first time I ever experienced such a sensation. I didn’t know if I was going to faint, but believed the angel would help me.


As I sat sideways in my car, with my feet on the ground, bent at the waist with my head down, I received additional instructions. The angel told me to put my head down more, between my knees, and to hold that position. I followed her instructions. Afterwards, she asked if I felt better. I felt remarkably better.  



The angel could read my thoughts.

At one point I looked at her and silently contemplated whether I should ask “what is your name?” She stared at me and suddenly, it was as if every cell and atom in my mouth, throat, and jaw was completely paralyzed. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to move or speak.


I looked at the angel in surprise. She seemed to silently communicate that I know better than to ask a question like that. I silently communicated with my mind that I would not ask. Then instantly, my paralysis was reversed.



I was wearing a leather jacket on that cold January night. On two different occasions the angel put her arm around me, and her touch felt warm and comforting.



Angelic Details

The angel who came to my aid was very beautiful. Her blond wavy hair cascaded just below her shoulders. She was dressed in ivory colored attire made from fabrics I have never seen before, and she had a subtle glow.

She wore a turtle neck top, pants, and a shirt-style jacket with an unusual pattern I had never seen before -- evenly spaced stripes that looked like jagged brown wood, that ran both horizontally and vertically.


As I studied her shirt-jacket, and silently marveled at how the jagged brown stripe pattern appeared to resemble crucifixion wood, she smiled sweetly, and turned so her back was facing me, thereby giving me another view of her unique jacket.




As things were wrapping up at the accident scene, the angel emphasized “Everything is going to be alright!” When I looked away for a few seconds, she was gone.

Our Different Eyes

My husband never saw the angel. I said she helped us load my things into his car, but he adamantly denied ever seeing anyone with her description at the accident scene.


I thought I saw the angel about 50% of the time. She seemed to disappear and reappear during the two or three hours I remained at the scene.


Two neighbors, who immediately came to the accident scene, and left when I did, both said she never left my side.



Closing Remarks


May you have hope, peace, and joy, and know that you are not alone.

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